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In this day and age network threats and malware are getting more and more sophisticated. Meaning that traditional perimeter and endpoint security is not enough to detect and actively response to advanced persistent threats, anomalies and zero day exploits. 

Secure Network Analytics also known as Stealthwatch is a flow-based monitoring system, which provides anomalies detection based on multi-layer machine learning algorithms, malicious connections detection in unencrypted and encrypted traffic, network attacks detection, continuous threat response and many more. Literally it enables to transfer a network to a sensor by obtaining visibility across every segment and communication in the network.


14:00 Beginn

  • Why Secure Network Analytics?
  • What is Flow Analysis and What are the Benefits?
  • Architecture
  • Technical Capabilities
  • Behavioral and Predictive Analytics
  • Demo and Use Cases
  • Integrations
  • Licensing

15:00 Ende



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